Friday, January 2, 2009

We'll still come around

The title to the post is inspired by the Counting Crows song I was listening to at the time of this post.

Here is what's going down:

- Good Christmas in Texas. Good times with family and friends.

- I've been reading a few pretty good books, and may even throw a review or two on here.

- I'm pretty excited the Eagles made the playoffs, and it was especially sweet to deliver a significant beating to the Cowboys.

- A's Utah Utes are going up against a good Alabama squad in the Sugar Bowl tonight, should the Utes win it'll be Miller High Lifes on me.

- I welcomed the new year alone on my couch for the second year in a row. A was very willing to hang with me, but I had mercy and sent her off to bed at 11:15. I watched the ball fall with Dick Clark (he of a recent stroke), and I must say that I'll take a slowed Dick Clark over this Ryan Seacrest guy - whoever he is. Where have all the classic entertainers and media folks gone?

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