Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Busy Weekend

A few things are going down this weekend, including:

1. A's due date is today. (A point of clarification, the picture below is not the inside of A, but a pic a found elsewhere) However, the spirit of the picture remains, and the baby has a good chance of being named "Series" or "World" (in honor of the great ex-76er World B. Free) or something of the like.

2. Halloween: I will be taking a dinosaur and a bat (think flying mammal, not louisville slugger) around s. philly to procure signficant amounts of candy. A is going as a pregnant woman (maybe). I am going as a dad who wants to snake the "big people candy" (e.g. heath bars and hershey's almond bars) from my kids' bags.

3. That's about it. Let's go Phillies and let's not have another night like this:


Rebecca O said...

You could name him/her Phil or Philomina

Elizabeth Koproski said...

congrats! on the world series win that is... can't wait for a hearty congrats for the other momentus occasion. tell amy i- im SUCH a slacker friend, but think of her A LOT nonetheless.

emme said...

had that baby yet? keep waiting to hear any day now. that's not like amy to go late is it? must be a girls.