Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some are weirder than others

I often have those moments where I clearly see my personal quirks and weirdness. And sometimes I feel that I am stranger than most. And then I hear about articles like this. And then I realize that there are some out there who are crazier than I.

Apparently, people are sending text messages from a huge satellite in Ukraine to a faraway planet, with the hope of getting a text in return in about 40 years.

If there is contact made, I nominate my friend Matt M. to be a spokesman on behalf of mankind. He likes aliens, speaks in complete sentences, and will graciously offer to treat any foreign beings to a vanilla milkshake. My sister, B, would be good at this as well.

1 comment:

Matt Mikalatos said...

I humbly accept your nomination as ambassador to Planet Text.

I also thought you would be glad to know that I drank an entire Coca Cola today to celebrate this great honor.