Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It appears that I have passed along the curse of being a Philadelphia sports fan, which I received from my Father. Below is a picture, and the arrival should be any time in the next two weeks:


Jason Seville said...

Here's hoping and praying for a healthy delivery... but since we often speak of playoff "births," shouldn't we expect this baby to make an early exit?

Couldn't resist.

And before you even say anything - Yes - I remember that I'm an O's fan.


Andy McCullough said...

Congrats on both... baby & NL Pendent. Just don't name him Charlie Manuel Weidner if its a boy though.

Matt Mikalatos said...

Looks like the baby is holding that pennant with... a belly button?

Jessica Bott said...

YAY! We've all been wondering when the new Weidner was due on the scene. I bet you're hoping the Sox win, right??? :) We've been chatting about you a lot recently. You should check you facebook profile.

Patrick said...

DW- Nice baby.

How does A feel about her womb-interior displayed on the world wide web? Some women like more reproductive privacy than that, ya know?

P.S.- A- Nice womb-interior.